The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Part I – Sidney B. Bowne & Son

The year 2017 promises to be a year of great change, with a newly installed administration that is strongly advocating pro-infrastructure and pro-growth agendas. Stock prices continue to flirt with record levels while interest rates have seen their second hike in a decade, marking the economy’s continued improvement.  The prospect of tax cuts and widespread deregulation seem very real and may also positively affect the business climate in the coming year.

Because of the flurry of activity at the Bowne AE&T Group this year, we have split our annual predictions newsletter into two parts over the next two months.  This month, we will focus on what’s new at Sidney B. Bowne & Son, architects, engineers and surveyors, and what effect the new administration will have on Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s projects and the Long Island environment.  The second part of our annual predictions will focus on our IT / GIS firm, Bowne Management Systems Inc.

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Stay tuned throughout the year for detailed write-ups on completed projects by Sidney B. Bowne & Son for municipalities and private developers throughout Long Island. Many thanks to Charlie Bartha, Sidney Bowne Associate Partner, for sharing his thoughts and predictions on the year to come.

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