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Tax Mapping

Over the years Bowne has been instrumental in getting the majority of parcels in the state of New York digitized. Yes, the majority – over 2,000,000 for over a dozen counties and municipalities.

This significant work effort has helped us develop the most experienced and talented tax mapping team in the Northeast and we are growing as the marketplace changes. We now provide a mix of traditional services including:

  • Land records research
  • Tax map maintenance (using Esri, AutoCAD or Microstation)
  • Tax map generation (paper, mylar, PDF, PDF/A, TIFF)
  • On-site updating of hardcopy tax map books

Our talented team now tackles a wide range of other tax map-related services including:

  • Converting existing digital tax mapping to Esri’s parcel fabric
  • Training county or municipal tax mappers to maintain their own digital tax maps
  • Providing as-needed technical mentoring and support
  • Re-engineering tax map maintenance workflows to save time and improve data quality
  • Developing custom tax map maintenance solutions for government staff to use
  • Creating interactive Web map-based GIS applications for intranet and public use
  • Integrating with NYS’ Real Property System (RPSv4) and SCA’s Municity/PAS
  • Supporting grievance management and revaluations with GIS analysis