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Public Safety GIS

Public Safety agencies across the nation are turning to GIS as a critical technology for improved pre-planning, incident response, and after action reporting.  First Responders, such as municipal Police and Fire Departments, understand the value of GIS, its role in computer aided dispatch activities, and the value added element that GIS provides.

One of the challenges facing First Responders is accurate data, including basemap layers (i.e., roads, buildings) and key infrastructure components (e.g., hydrants, tank locations).  To meet this challenge, Bowne has developed a suite of services that includes the following:

  • GPS field data collection and verification
  • Wall and Truck Book mapping
  • Infrastructure data collection, digitizing, and network building
  • Mobile GIS based applications

These services, combined with our strengths in networking, application development, and GIS deployment, can help First Responders implement GIS and location based technology in the office, in fire apparatus and police cars, and in mobile command centers.