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Geospatial Solutions

Bowne Management Systems is a full-service IT consulting firm that is nationally recognized in the GIS field.  Our permanent staff of over 30 GIS professionals includes application developers, analysts and specialists.  An Esri Business Partner since 1999, Bowne was named 2005 Esri Foundation Partner.

We offer over 30 years of corporate experience helping government agencies realize the benefits that may be derived from GIS functionality, especially at an enterprise level.  Having functioned successfully as GIS Consultant to dozens of government agencies, we understand the extensive range of GIS-based functions and services that may be implemented, the technologies required and the issues government agencies typically encounter in pursuing their GIS initiatives.

Our services include GIS application development, geodatabase design, parcel and land records management, spatial data warehousing, infrastructure management, business geographics, transportation modeling, global positioning systems (GPS), mobile GIS, cartographic transformations, field data collection, data conversion, quality control and integration with legacy applications.

Because we are first and foremost an IT consultancy, we believe that we have a unique perspective on solutions that involve spatial data and geographic information systems, allowing us to see GIS in the context of operational systems, business processes and embedded IT architecture.  Bowne’s GIS practice is built to leverage this enterprise IT perspective.