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Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution

Bowne has more than 75 years of experience providing planning, design, construction and start-up services for water supply projects. Our engineering team develops cost-effective, practical facilities that are operator friendly and meet the needs of the users. Our firm has provided the technical services for implementation of hundreds of water supply, treatment, storage and distribution projects including wells, storage tanks and thousands of miles of transmission and distribution mains.

Bowne has been an integral participant in the growth of many water districts across Long Island, and some water districts have continuously designated Bowne as their engineer, often spanning decades.

  • Water Supply Master Planning
  • Water Supply Treatment
  • Water Transmission and Distribution
  • Water Storage
  • Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation
  • Information Management
  • GIS Based Water Modeling
  • New Treatment Technology Pilot Studies
  • Water Rate Studies