Services | Sidney B. Bowne & Son

Wastewater Collection and Treatment Systems

Bowne offers over 25 years experience providing a comprehensive range of engineering services for the installation, extension, rehabilitation and replacement of sanitary and storm sewers.  Services include:

  •  Evaluation of existing conditions and recommendations
  • Design reports, plans, specs, contact documents
  • Computer systems for engineering analysis and design
  • Infiltration/inflow analysis
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Construction Inspection

Bowne Advantages

  •  Complete existing condition mapping
    • Photogrammetry: Accurate maps using aerial photography.
      • Using photogrammetry since the 1960s
    • Ground Surveying
      • Multiple survey crews
      • Partner controls quality and scheduling
    • GPS Surveying
      • Collection of precise measurements for aerial mapping and spot elevation
      • Early innovator – 1st on Long Island
  • Field work by experienced engineering technicians
    • Verify trap depths
    • Verify aerial mapping ambiguities
    • Resolve aerial mapping ambiguities
  • Computer modeling of existing data to generate and compare alternate designs