Services | Sidney B. Bowne & Son

Village Engineers

Our engineers understand the special needs of Long Island’s villages because we have worked closely with them for decades.  The types of services that we provide on a daily basis include:

  • Road rehabilitation and reconstruction engineering from inception to completion.
  • Street lighting system management,maintenance and outage complaint response.
  • Site grading and drainage engineering  including construction inspection.
  • Consultation and the attendance of village meetings including Board of Trustees, Planning Board and Board of Zoning Appeals.
  • Building department management including code compliance, site plan review, and permitting.
  • Architectural design and structural engineering.
  • Recreation planning including engineering  design and construction inspection.
  • Managing urban renewal and community development projects.
  • Environmental compliance including USEPA storm water management regulations.
  • Land surveying related to engineering and construction activities including establishing legal boundaries, topography, and construction layout.
  • Computerization of workflow activities including building and planning department permit tracking.
  • SEQRA review.
  • Subdivision and site plan review.