Services | Sidney B. Bowne & Son

Road and Drainage Design

Bowne has over a century of experience assisting state agencies, local municipalities and private industry to complete over 5000 miles of road construction and rehabilitation in some of the busiest areas in the nation. We provide survey, geometric design, bid and construction phase services for highway construction and rehabilitaion projects, as well as for parking lot improvements, drainage improvements, curb and sidewalk rehabilitation, pavement striping, traffic control signage projects, and ADA compliance.

Bowne engineering services for highway construction and drainage projects include:

  • Topographic, Boundary, Utility and Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Construction Survey Layout
  • Horizontal and Vertical Roadway Alignment
    West Shore Road
  • Geometric Highway Design
  • Grading and Drainage Design for Highways, Parking Lots, etc.
  • Preparation of Contract Documents and Bid Phase Services
  • Recording of Pre-Construction Conditions
  • Coordination with Utility Facilities Before and During Construction
  • Construction Inspection and Administration
  • Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  • Lighting Design
  • Materials Testing
  • Expert Testimony