Services | Sidney B. Bowne & Son


Bowne Architecture is dedicated to achieving excellence in the built environment and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities through design.

Bowne Architecture seeks to provide memorable environments, by creatively collaborating with our clients, while working within the practical realities of program, budget and regulatory requirements.

Bowne Architecture advocates urban infill development, with an emphasis on protection of Long Island’s remaining existing natural and agricultural lands, utilization of existing infrastructure resources and promotion of more efficient transportation systems.

Bowne Architecture focuses on environmentally responsible building design, employing LEED principals, researching appropriate technologies to increase energy efficiency, incorporating local and renewable/recycled materials and utilizing resource management strategies.

Bowne Architecture provides 3-D visualization of designs and produces all construction documents in digital format. Bowne streamlines the approval process, resulting in an extremely efficient process from initial concept through construction.

Bowne Architecture has particular expertise in the administrative and legal requirements of Long Island municipalities and has the ability to expedite approvals for both public and privately funded projects.