How Safe is Your Drinking Water? Bowne Water Quality Pilot Projects

Project: Water District Pilot Projects – Nitrate Removal

With contaminated groundwater, coal-ash dumps and other water pollution problems making headlines recently up and down the East Coast from the Carolinas to Long Island, campaigns to clean up drinking water are now in the news.  Locally, the presence of nitrates in our groundwater aquifers is steadily increasing due to years of discharge of unregulated pollutants. More and more, nitrate treatment has become the norm for improvement of water quality.  Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s Water Department has recently undertaken two pilot projects, with the approval of the Nassau County Department of Health (NCDH), to expand the field of manufacturers addressing the vitally important area of nitrate removal.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 and subsequent federal legislation set standards for drinking water. Since then, the list of available treatment technologies for nitrate removal and associated manufacturers has grown, but not all have been approved for use in Nassau County. Bowne’s Water Department is seeking to expand the field of providers, looking for higher nitrate removal efficiencies and improved operational efficiency.

Bowne prepared a pilot study program for testing a new manufacturer’s nitrate removal technology. Using wells at Jericho Water District and Carle Place Water District, the pilots, or small-scale trials, enabled Bowne to determine whether or not to recommend full-scale projects using this new manufacturer. Based upon the information uncovered in the pilot studies, calculations were done to determine how this new manufacturer’s technology would perform at full-scale. Would nitrate removal efficiency be improved?  What about operational efficiency?  At the conclusion of each 2-3 week pilot, Bowne reported the pilot study results to NCDH.  As of this writing, the Jericho WD pilot has been approved and the Carle Place WD pilot results are still under review.

In addition to advancing the state of technology in water purification, the Bowne Water Department provides technical services for the implementation of water supply, treatment, storage and distribution projects including wells, storage tanks and transmission and distribution mains. To fully serve the needs of municipalities and special districts on Long Island, Bowne’s core Water Engineering practice is also supported by the entire range of Bowne AE&T Group capabilities, including civil/site, structural, MEP and environmental engineering, as well as survey, architectural, routing and geospatial solutions.

Client / Owner: Jericho Water District, Carle Place Water District

For more information, contact Joseph Fusillo, P.E., Director of Water Resources