Massapequa Water District, Water Distribution System Modeling

To evaluate the adequacy of a water utility system, Bowne performed a computer modeling analysis.  Critical transmission mains in the Water District were evaluated in terms of both customer demand and for fire fighting capacity.  As a result of this requirements analysis, a new water main design was completed, and quality control and quality assurance services were provided.  Under this ongoing service, Bowne will use this data to determine requirements for additional elevated storage tanks, and for supplemental emergency power generating facilities to keep the system operating at the required capacity during power outages.

Products supplied were a 30” x 30” system map showing the transmission and distribution mains and the critical system elements, sizing and design of a transmission main replacement under a State Highway, and engineering quality control and quality assurance services for the installation of the main.

It is important to note that the water distribution system designed by Bowne is a utility system that is not associated with any real property.  (See note below.)  Rather it is a network of pipelines that run outside of real property and bring water to customers.  The piping system runs within a street network that the water utility company does not own or have jurisdiction over.  This is similar to power lines, communication lines, or gas mains that run above or within a public road network.  This utility system could just as easily be onboard a vessel or aircraft.  In contrast to real property, a utility system network has no value if it has failed and is no longer functional.