Bowne AE&T Group Promotion – John La Volpe

Bowne AE&T Group is pleased to announce the following recent senior staff promotion:

John La Volpe has been promoted to Chief Information Office at Bowne AE&T Group (Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP, Bowne Management Systems, Inc., RouteSmart Technologies, Inc.)  In this new role, Mr. La Volpe will be responsible for strategically aligning technology with business operations and priorities.  Over the past 18 years at Bowne, he has provided technical vision and services for Bowne AE&T Group as well as client based consulting.  As Director of Information Technology, he has been responsible for Bowne’s internal IT operations and infrastructure.  Recognizing the importance of technology in successful businesses, Mr. La Volpe will continue developing strategies and implementing technology to increase Bowne’s efficiency and continue growth.


Bowne Management Systems Promotion – Chris Kobos

Bowne Management Systems is pleased to announce the following recent senior staff promotion:

Chris Kobos, CSM, PMP, has been promoted to Vice President of GIS Services. Mr. Kobos is a GIS professional with over 16 years of experience. He is responsible for managing the firm’s Long Island GIS technology contracts, as well as supervising the company’s robust GIS group, consisting of data analysts, field data technicians and enterprise database administrators. Continuing to manage ongoing projects, Kobos will now contribute to larger corporate strategies and the continued growth of Bowne’s extensive municipal and private client base.


Bowne Management Systems Promotion – James Hall

Bowne Management Systems is pleased to announce the following recent senior staff promotion:

James Hall, GISP, CSM, PCP, PMP, has been promoted to Vice President Strategic Accounts.  Mr. Hall is a technology professional with more than 27 years of experience. Hall works with many of the company’s key customers on cutting edge technology projects that drive improvements in planning, decision making and operations. While he and his BMS colleagues design, develop and deliver a wide range of IT solutions, Mr. Hall’s specialty is geographic information systems (GIS). Since graduating from Virginia Tech in 1989, Mr. Hall has completed projects for over 100 different government, not-for-profit, utility and corporate customers both in the U.S. and overseas.


The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Part I – Sidney B. Bowne & Son

The year 2017 promises to be a year of great change, with a newly installed administration that is strongly advocating pro-infrastructure and pro-growth agendas. Stock prices continue to flirt with record levels while interest rates have seen their second hike in a decade, marking the economy’s continued improvement.  The prospect of tax cuts and widespread deregulation seem very real and may also positively affect the business climate in the coming year.

Because of the flurry of activity at the Bowne AE&T Group this year, we have split our annual predictions newsletter into two parts over the next two months.  This month, we will focus on what’s new at Sidney B. Bowne & Son, architects, engineers and surveyors, and what effect the new administration will have on Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s projects and the Long Island environment.  The second part of our annual predictions will focus on our IT / GIS firm, Bowne Management Systems Inc.

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Stay tuned throughout the year for detailed write-ups on completed projects by Sidney B. Bowne & Son for municipalities and private developers throughout Long Island. Many thanks to Charlie Bartha, Sidney Bowne Associate Partner, for sharing his thoughts and predictions on the year to come.

For more information, contact Jon Siskind, Director of Marketing

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The Year Ahead – Part II
Bowne Management Systems, Inc.

CM Wyandanch Plaza

The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Sidney Bowne – Projects Old and New: What’s on the Horizon

Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s successes in 2016 include the completion of the design phase of IMG_0005- Greybarnthe Garvies Point Waterfront Redevelopment and the Greybarn Amityville projects (Phases I and II). In our Water Resources Department, we finalized the design of a new $6.5 million state-of-the-art treatment facility for the Carle Place Water District. We take pride in these accomplishments, including the years-long efforts on the part of our engineers, surveyors and other staff members to bring these jobs to fruition.

What’s new for 2017? Here’s a sampling of Sidney Bowne’s 2017 projects.

Fire Island3

Sidney Bowne has completed a Phase I feasibility study for Altice USA (formerly Cablevision) for a fiber build from the mainland of Suffolk County to Jones Beach Island and Fire Island, an ambitious initiative to extend Altice’s existing high speed network and bandwidth service to the seashore communities. Pending Altice’s review and evaluation of the Phase I study, Sidney Bowne looks forward to work on Phase II, providing an evaluation of costs, realistic schedules for required approvals and an implementation plan. The Phase II Study will additionally explore the opportunity for State and Federal funding for the endeavor.

In the Town of Babylon, Sidney Bowne will be providing construction management and inspection services for the new 13,000 square foot animal shelter in Amityville. Sidney Bowne will also be working for the Town of Babylon on the Wyandanch Plaza, providing structural, site and electrical services for the ice rink and fountain, as well as construction inspection and management services for the plaza.

Watch for developments in Nassau County, the Towns of Huntington, North Hempstead and Hempstead as we have “irons in the fire” in all those municipalities. In addition, private sector development and re-development continues to be robust in terms of new projects as well as the revitalization of downtowns.

Pavement Mgt Image

The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Sidney Bowne Continues to Lead in Highway Engineering

Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s competitive advantage in road technologies will enable us to pursue expanded relationships with municipalities on Long Island in the coming year.

Roadway Design: “Sidney B. Bowne & Son serves as the Village Engineer to over 20 villages in Nassau County. In 2017, we hope to bring our 100+ years of experience in roadway improvement projects to even more municipalities,” said Paul Stevens, P.E., Sidney Bowne Associate Partner and Director of Civil/Site Department.

Pavement Management: “Sidney B. Bowne & Son’s award-winning program gives public works and transportation departments a non-proprietary, user-friendly system that provides a clear picture of the condition of the pavement, where pavements should be rehabilitated, and how much should be budgeted annually to attain roadway network condition objectives,” said John Waltz, P.E., Sidney Bowne Associate Partner and former Commissioner of Nassau County Public Works.

NY Rising logo

The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Sidney Bowne – Developing Expertise in New Funding Sources

Over the past few years, Sidney B. Bowne & Son has developed expertise in working with new funding sources such as U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding for long-term recovery and resiliency projects; and the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program within Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR). GOSR was established by Governor Cuomo following the occurrence of Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and Superstorm Sandy to centralize recovery and rebuilding efforts that would strengthen the State’s infrastructure and critical systems.  Sidney Bowne’s ability to respond to these procurement opportunities is integral to our sustained growth.


The Year Ahead at Bowne AE&T Group – Sidney Bowne – Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

As government nationwide struggles at every level to construct and maintain infrastructure vital to our economy, securing funding continues to be a major problem.  PPPs have been utilized to deliver projects that would normally be taxpayer funded. President Trump has spoken of PPPs as a means to address the need for infrastructure work. In NYS this would require changes in laws regarding the finance and procurement for public projects, which will certainly be challenging as NY’s procurement laws are among the most restrictive in the country.  If changed, which private entities would be interested in participating in the funding? Candidates might include municipal pension funds, trade union pension funds or investment groups.